GET GET GET Concept Store

Unique, Unusual & Offbeat Croatian Design

jewelry, accessories, lighting, furniture, apparel, prints, books & more


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GET GET GET Concept Store

 Dominisova 16, 21000 Split, Croatia

 +385 21 341015

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This Uber-cool concept store offers offbeat design items made by independent Croatian designers.

Located in a rather stylish setting in the very center of Split, GET GET GET is the exclusive retailer for more than 60 local designers whose products are not designed for mass production and sales, but instead are produced in a small series, or as unique pieces.

As long as a local designed something awesome beyond description, it’s found here so if you are looking for an original Croatian souvenir or just something quirky to take home with you – look no further.




What you GET GET GET is a private, uninterrupted shopping session with the help of the owner.

You will learn about Croatian contemporary design and people behind it while browsing through our numerous products.

You will be able to nibble on some local refreshments served in our very own and very cool ceramic tableware and drink some local rakia from a wooden shot glass.

You’ll GET GET GET all that while listening to very best of Croatian contemporary music.

So book your 30-minute EXPRESS or one hour DELUXE* appointment at



All of the above + the gift package with purchase

Shipping to your home address can be arranged.

Shipping fees may apply.

GET GET GET Concept Store - Unique, Unusual & Offbeat Croatian Design