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vehicles: Opel Insignia for 1-3 persons; Mercedes E class for 1-3 persons; Opel Vivaro for 1-7 persons; Mercedes Viano for 1-7 persons;

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Zadar is a city with an extraordinary 3000-year-old history and such rich cultural heritage, but also a city that always has something new and original to offer. It is guaranteed that Zadar will win you over with its gorgeous vistas and its unique atmosphere.

For all those who respect and cherish historical monuments and cultural heritage this city is irresistible.

Wandering through the streets Zadar is like walking through the centuries but with the contemporary soundtrack playing in the background. It is a perfect blend of ancient and modern.

It is filled with archeological treasures and monuments of ancient, medieval and renaissance periods but contemporary architectural achievements are present as well – like Sea Organs – musical instrument which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.

Turbulent history and repeated destruction certainly left some scars. But after every period of destruction there is always a period of construction what caused this city to have numerous buildings, churches and structures from various eras. More than 70 architectural works of art can be found in the historical center of the city, while in the surrounding area there are total of 600 monuments worth seeing.

Some 40 years ago, Alfred Hitchcock proclaimed Zadar sunset as one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Many tourists and visitors agree with him so if you decide to visit this stunning place make sure you enjoy the view of the sun descending into the sea and experience the magical light installation Sun Salutation while listening to Sea Organs making music underneath your feet.


Traveling from Split to Zadar takes about 2 hours. The sightseeing of Zadar lasts up to 5 hours following the return to the place of departure.


PRICE INCLUDED: full day excursion, vehicle, driver, fuel, highway

DEPARTURE: by agreement

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