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It is one thing to read about ancient Greeks and Romans but something completely different is to walk the streets where they once walked and to stand on the ground where their towns used to stand.

It is not necessary to travel to Greece and Italy to experience just that. The ancients recognized Croatian coast as a perfect place for settlement, therefore there are plenty of sites around here where you can get the sense of their culture and their way of life.

The very center of the City of Split is actually a structure from ancient times – a famous Diocletian’s palace from which sprung the entire city.

Not far from Split is Salona – once an ancient city and today an important sightseeing spot for all the experts in early Christianity and all the history buffs. In fact, the first International Congress of Christian Archeology was held there in 1894 what furthermore accentuates the importance of this locality.

Not far from ancient Salona lies the old Klis Fortress. Klis was once a great protector of Dalmatian towns and the last line of defense from Turks in their violent attacks. It was a place of major strategic value and also a great cradle of Croatian history since the major clashes of civilizations, empires and armies happened at this spot.

Explore with us and discover how these places changed through time because these sites and their interesting stories of struggles, victories and defeats through the ages leave no one indifferent.


Traveling from Split to Salona takes about 25 minutes. The sightseeing of Salona lasts up to 1 hour. Traveling from Salona to Klis takes about 10 minutes. The sightseeing of Klis lasts up to 1 hour following the return to the place of departure.


PRICE INCLUDED: half day excursion, vehicle, driver, fuel

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