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included in the price: transport (driver, fuel + highway)

vehicles: Opel Insignia for 1-3 persons; Mercedes E class for 1-3 persons; Opel Vivaro for 1-7 persons; Mercedes Viano for 1-7 persons;

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The landscape of the Dalmatian hinterland is as poor as its heritage is rich.

Explore the attractions of Imotski – walk throughout the streets of its old town, climb up to the fortress Topana and from the viewpoint experience all that beauty celebrated in the poems of Tin Ujevic – one of the most famous Croatian poets.

Learn all about Hasanaginica – the story about a virtuous woman and mother who is left utterly heartbroken once her children are separated from her.

However, the most impressive sites in the area are the two breathtaking nature’s gems – Blue Lake and Red Lake – rare phenomena of such a rare beauty.

There are very few of those who have not tried to throw a rock in the Red Lake or who have not try to take a swim in the Blue one. Make sure you try the same since the experience is as unique as the view from the surrounding cliffs.


Traveling from Split to Imotski takes about 1 hour. The sightseeing of Imotski lasts up to 3 hours following the return to the place of departure.


PRICE INCLUDED: full day excursion, vehicle, driver, fuel, highway

DEPARTURE: by agreement

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