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included in the price: transport (driver, fuel + highway)

vehicles: Opel Insignia for 1-3 persons; Mercedes E class for 1-3 persons; Opel Vivaro for 1-7 persons; Mercedes Viano for 1-7 persons;

explore DUBROVNIK from 302,00€ per vehicle

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Experience the timeless beauty and harmony among the walls of this exquisite place.

Imagine a city where endless shades of blue are bouncing off the centuries old walls that withstand the ravages of time.

Discover all its secrets in Dubrovnik Museums – find out where the Rector of the famous Republic of Dubrovnik lived, learn where and how the wheat was stored in the old days, discover which sailing ships were forming a powerful fleet that traded around the world spreading the glory of this amazing city.

Dubrovnik definitely is an eye candy but it is also much more than that. It is as exciting as it is soothing for both eyes and soul.

Its gorgeous streets, buildings and structures are a feast for the eyes and its impeccable beaches where all you can hear is the sound of the waves braking on the shore can give you that much-needed peace.

This place has everything one can wish for. Dubrovnik simply is a must.


Traveling from Split to Dubrovnik takes about 3 and a half hours. The sightseeing of Dubrovnik lasts up to 5 hours following the return to the place of departure.


PRICE INCLUDED: full day excursion, vehicle, driver, fuel, highway

PRICE NOT INCLUDED: Dubrovnik pass

DEPARTURE: by agreement

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