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No one will remain indifferent after experiencing the pristine beauty of Croatian national parks. There are eight of them and each one is more amazing than the other. Not just the intact beauty but also the diversity of both flora and fauna and rich history attached to each place leaves you absolutely speechless. If you are looking for tranquility and relaxation and simply want to breathe the crisp fresh air - these are the places for you. Maybe start with the two most famous ones -Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park, but in case you want to check out the rest of them - Absolute Splendor will help you do that through our National Park Program.

discover the untouched nature of Croatian national parks

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The cultural heritage of Dalmatia is a fascinating blend of various historical periods and cultures. Visiting different Dalmatian towns is almost like vacationing in different time periods. Each place and structure has its own interesting story, all legends and myths have roots in historic events that actually took place and every traditional custom has been practiced for centuries. Luckily, all the wars and conquests left not the wasteland but rather numerous reminders of those time periods. The Romans, Christians, Greeks and Ottomans all left many monuments that made these locations interesting and different from any other place. Join us in the adventure. Get to know these old towns. Absorb the architecture, hear the traditional a cappella songs, walk the centuries old pavements where emperors and kings once walked and enjoy the beautiful scenery each step of the way.

explore the history of some of the oldest cities on the Mediterranean

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In it's teritory Croatia has around 1150 islands and therefore is one of the most indented Mediterranean countries in the world. Eventhough they may all look the same, each one is characterised by it's own beauty, untouched nature, hidden beaches, crystal clear water, heritage and tradition. When You are on Your holiday do not skipp knowing this beuty that was given by nature. Each island in Central Dalmatia is recognized worldwide as unique and each is a symbol of Croatian tourism whether You decide to go to island Brač to enjoy swimbath on famous beach Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape that is special because the cape changes shape and position, depending on the direction of the wind and waves), or to go to island Vis that is recognized with it's Blue Cave in Biševo ( phenomen is the blue colour of the sea inside the cave as sun reflects on the sand of the bottom of the Cave) or You just want to relax with Your family on island Šolta which offers numerous bays for swimming and relaxation.

discover the worldwide recognized tresuares of Adriatic

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