About us

We are a team of travel experts with mission
to make your journey in Croatia unforgettable.


  ... show your friends our great unique offer and invite them to join you on a unforgettable yourney ...

Absolute Splendor is a collective of reliant and enthusiastic travel experts who create personalized luxury travel arrangements to gorgeous destinations all over Croatia.

We focus our expertise solely on YOUR interests in order to design exceptional journey just for YOU.

We are determined to exceed your expectations whether you already know where you want to go, whether you need some guidance along the way or you simply want to let others take care of every single thing while you just enjoy the ride.

We care about your satisfaction and comfort every step of the way – from the first click on your computer screen to the moment you get back home.

We are professional, efficient and progressive.

We offer you ABSOLUTE SPLENDOR and nothing less.

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